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Tiaras can be won by collecting Tiara Points after Fash Cup results are announced. Leveling up your Tiara is an important part of the game, as it shows other players how many Fash Cups you've entered and how well you have scored in each. In addition, leveling up your Tiara gives you an award of 5 Diamonds. This is one of the only ways to win Diamonds in the game.

Different Tiaras

There are 10 Tiaras in Fashland.

Tiara Name Points Needed Picture
Cool Fashionista --
A hat tiara 01
Chic Fashionista 27
A hat tiara 02
Stylish Fashionista 66
A hat tiara 03
Fash Starlet 166
A hat tiara 04
Supermodel 332
A hat tiara 05
Fash Genius 532
A hat tiara 06
Fash Guru 864
A hat tiara 07
Fash Star 1329
A hat tiara 08
Fash Diva 2326
A hat tiara 09
Fash Queen 4525
A hat tiara 10

Wearing your Tiara

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Wearing a tiara at the Fashion Photo Shoot event

The only place you can wear your Tiara is at events. Click the Tiara icon to wear it, click it again to change your Tiara or take your Tiara off.

You can wear any of the Tiaras you have won so far for events.