The Fash Cup takes place against 50+ different backdrops, known as themes. Players are advised to dress according to the theme to score more Tiara Points and have a chance at earning a position in the Global Top 10. Similarly, voters are encouraged to vote for the avatar that best fits the themes. The game's themes are largely taken from Events, but some events cannot be used in the Fash Cup for technical reasons and other themes are exclusive to the Fash Cup completely, such as "At the Gym" and "Ski Trip."

Theme OrderingEdit

The themes are programmed to run in a set order, ensuring that every theme occurs before the list resets. In this way, players can also predict which theme is coming and prepare accordingly. Below is a list of themes in the order the developers have arranged them:

  1. Red Carpet
  2. Carnival Parade
  3. College Campus
  4. Candle Light Dinner
  5. 80s Disco
  6. Apple Orchard
  7. Spooky Town
  8. Dance Studio
  9. Magnificent Milan
  10. Medieval Castle
  11. Aspen Winter
  12. Fairytale Ballroom
  13. African Sunset
  14. Paris Café
  15. Mystic Forest
  16. 20s Cabaret
  17. 70s Flower Van
  18. Mansion Room
  19. The Coffee Club (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  20. Luxury Resort (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  21. Funfair
  22. Space Age Nightclub
  23. Horse Riding Club
  24. New York Rooftop Lounge (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  25. Shibuya Nights
  26. Billboard Campaign
  27. Mystic Mayan Ruins (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  28. Park Guell (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  29. New York Autumn
  30. Birthday Party (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  31. Yacht Deck
  32. Dance Competition
  33. Fashion Show
  34. Moonlit Lakeside
  35. Fashion Photo Shoot
  36. Mediterranean View
  37. Golf Resort (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  38. Wild West (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  39. Deserted Planet (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  40. Dubai Extravaganza
  41. Office Style
  42. London Eye
  43. Graffiti Street
  44. Grand Bazaar (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  45. Tokyo Spring
  46. Ancient Pyramids
  47. Peaceful Yoga
  48. At the Countryside
  49. My Rides
  50. Bosphorus View
  51. Wedding Aisle
  52. Hawaiian Summer
  53. Venice Bridge (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  54. Prom Queen
  55. Movie Set (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  56. Costume Play (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  57. At the Gym (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  58. Luxury Shopping (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  59. Ski Trip (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  60. Hair Salon (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  61. 1001 Nights
  62. Art Gallery (exclusive for Fash Cup)
  63. Vegas Casino
  64. Haunted House (exclusive for Fash Cup & holidays)
  65. Fashion Show (2)
  66. Mystic Forest

The ThemesEdit