Fashland has 20 main Styles to choose from. They are all represented by Style Icons in the Dress-up Menu. Seasonal Style products are also available for a limited time and although they can be worn at any time after winning them, they cannot be displayed at your Fashion House.

IconStyle avantGarde
Avant Garde

Avant Garde style is defined by the cutting edge of fashion, with looks that are made for the runway, not the street. Sometimes futuristic and often surreal, Avant Garde style is great for red carpet Events and themes that call on you to be fashion forward.

There is one Avant Garde product unlocked by a quest.

Level 40
A glass avgar set001
Quest Name Long Run

IconStyle boho

Boho style borrows from the Bohemian era of fashion, with a distinct "hippie" flair. There are 86 Boho products in the game, including 10 dresses, 8 tops, and 17 shoes.

Six Boho Style shoes can be won from quests.

Level 6 6 31 81 82 84
A bracelet bc set002
A glass bc set001
A bag bc set005
A shoes bc set007
A shoes bc set010
A earrings bc set008
Quest Name Decision Maker Delivering on Time Timeless Appeal Traditional Futuristic A Complete Look Freedom Statement

IconStyle bridal

Bridal style is designed for special days such as proms, celebrations, and of course, weddings. This category features everything from bridal gowns to bride's maids dresses to fancy pink and white accessories. There are currenly about 70 Bridal Style products, two of which can be unlocked with quests.
Level 62 88
A hat wedding set004
A gloves wedding set002
Quest Name Farm Business All-White Designs

IconStyle business

Business style is designed to meet the needs of the working woman. Chic and professional, Fashland's business collection is perfect for the office or important lunch meetings. There are 70 Business Style products available in the game.

Six business style products are unlocked with quests.

Level 16 21 32 68 90 101
A scarf formal set002
C top formal set003
C bottom formal set006
A shoes formal set009
A bracelet formal set011
C dress formal set011
Quest Name Smart and Stylish Business Night Out Working College Girl Sparkling Success Get Funky Eye Appeal

IconStyle casual

Casual Style is for the everyday fashionista to be comorfotable and attractive in. Fashland's Casual collection is designed to be worn on any occasion. As Fashland's largest collection, Casual Style comprises over 120 products, most of which can be unlocked with Keys. Five Casual Style products are unlocked with quests.

Level 4 33 41 51 78
A shoes casual set002
A bag casual set010
C top casual set018
A bag casual set016
A glass casual set018
Quest Name Knock Knock! Breaking Through Obstacles New Opportunities Freshen Up Future of Rock

IconStyle country

Country style blends traditional country looks with more modern elements of country-western fashion. It's a great style to choose for Events such as "At the Countryside." There are a total of 57 products in country style, including 8 bags, 4 hats, 7 dresses, 4 necklaces, 1 bracelet, 12 shoes, 2 earrings, 8 tops, and 8 bottoms.

Two Country Style products are unlocked with quests.

Level 28 30
C bottom country set001
A glass country set005
Quest Name Style Clash Rustic Romance

IconStyle evening

Fashland currently has more than 100 Evening Style products. Many of the products in this category are taken from inspiration sources such as celebrity parties, nightlife, and club wear. Glitter, gold, and silver are common themes.

Four evening style products are unlocked through quests.

Level 9 14 66 100
C top nightdress set004
A shoes nightdress set008
A shoes nightdress set013
A earrings nightdress set014
Quest Name Sporty Elements Purely Your Taste Fashion Festival Black and White Mix

IconStyle fairy

Fantasy style incoproates everything from fairytale princess gowns to elf-like designs that are wild and crazy. Usually colorful, fantasy could also include Fashland's holiday and seasonal costumes. There are currently nearly 100 Fantasy Style products in Fashland, three of which are unlocked through quests.

Level 48 80 94
A bag fairy set002
A shoes fairy set005
A necklace fairy set003
Quest Name In the Army 70s Glam A Land of Fantasy

IconStyle futuristic

Futuristic Style borrows from space-age fashion and the cutting edge in runway technology. Many of the looks feature an almost surreal and alien appearance, perfect for fashion shows or futuristic club nightlife. Considering its niche use, there are approximately just 56 Futuristic products in the game.

Two products are unlocked through quests.

Level 70 123
A bag futuristic set001
C bottom futuristic set006
Quest Name Favorite Jeggings Minimalist & Modern

IconStyle gothic

Gothic style boasts 75+ products each with a unique and unusual design. Many are inspired by medieval or Victorian-era fashion, with some hints of Lolita style thrown in.

There are six Gothic products that can be unlocked with quests.

Level 12 54 64 96 111 121
A bracelet goth set002
A shoes goth set007
C dress goth set009
A bag goth set013
A shoes goth set013
A socks goth set011
Quest Name Fashion Challenge My Favorite Challenge Feminine or Androgynous Futuristic Goth Perky Punky Look Unusual Accessories

IconStyle hauteCouture
Haute Couture

Haute Couture is high fashion; customized for the girl wearing it, these pieces are unique and hand made, suitable only for the runway or red carpet events. Fashland features 65+ Haute Couture style products, many of them modeled after real-world fashion designs.

There are two Haute Couture products that can won by completing quests.

Level 72 115
A shoes hc set002
A earrings hc Set007
Quest Name A Visitor from the Future La Matadora

IconStyle masculine

Masculine Style in Fashland features over 60 products that are meant to channel the boyish side of fashion. They take inspiration from uniforms, army wear, and the loose, boot fit. They are meant to be worn on the runway or the street, and make a perfect addition to any wardrobe for the working woman. Whether it's the campus, the office, or the golf course, you can be sure to see Masculine style throughout Fashland.

Five Masculine Style products are unlocked through quests.

Level 23 37 60 92 108
Product C bottom mens set002 A shoes mens set005 A shoes mens set007 C bottom mens set011 C bottom mens set012
Quest Name Higher Heels Masculine Tribal Woman of Her Word Better Displays Rock n' Roll Queen

IconStyle preppy

Perfect for the private school campus or a day out shopping, Preppy style makes you look smart and chic. Wear it when you want to show off the world how clever and fashionable you are! It's also great for those events when you need to make a good impression or follow a dress code of luxurious and educated. With over 85 products to choose from, Preppy style is known for its excellent accessorizing possibilities.

Seven products in Preppy style are won through quests.

Level 18 19 61 65 98 103 105
Product C top prep set002 A shoes prep set002 A glass prep set013 C bottom prep set013 A shoes prep set010 A bag prep set010 A shoes prep set013
Quest Name Sporty Preppy Fame & Fortune Fame Attracts Fame Yacht Club Go Rebel Chic Business Ad-venture Beret Chic

IconStyle retro

Retro style calls out to the past, with a host of vintage and nostalgic looks. It's best worn casually, but mixed with something modern to avoid the outdated look. Retro styles work well with a variety of Fashland themes and events, and can add a splash of class to almost any look.

There are nearly 65 Retro style products in the game, two of which are unlocked with quests.

Level 45 46
Product A earrings retro set006 A shoes retro set002
Quest Name Retro Flair Keeping it Retro

IconStyle rockNroll

Going to a concert or show? Planning to be followed around by paparazzi all night? Then Rock'n'Roll style is for you. It's perfect for showing off your edgy appeal while still maintaining a tasteful look. Fashland has over 70 Rock'n'Roll style products to choose from, complete with all the chains, belts, buckles and skulls you need to be fashionable on the street or at the show.

Four products can be won by completing quests.

Level 47 49 50 106
Product A shoes rock set001 A bag rock set005 A necklace rock set005 A bag rock set009
Quest Name Cuckoo for Fashion Product Range Cleaning Time Hints of Gold

IconStyle royal

For those special occasions when royalty are visiting or on your tour of the palace grounds, Royal style is a key element to have on hand. There are currently 70 pieces belonging to Royal Style in the dress-up menu.

Three products are won through quests.

Level 52 76 117
Product A bag nightdress set009 C bottom royal set001 A bag royal set006
Quest Name Rich Textures Non-stop Shopping Overskirt Chic

IconStyle safari

For the active fashionista who doesn't hesitate to get her hands dirty, Safari style is the perfect element to have in your wardrobe. Best combined with Traditional or Tribal styles, Safari takes animal print and canvas to a whole new level. It's absolutely durable and stylish, but works well for any outdoor activity. There are approximately 70 Safari style products in Fashland. Find the avdenture in your style and don't hesitate to incorporate Safari style.

Six products can be won from quests.

Level 27 29 38 39 42 113
Product C top tribal set002 C bottom safari set005 C top safari set001 C top safari set003 A bag safari set005 A shoes safari set008
Quest Name Literally Tribal I Want That City Safari True Adventurer Fresh & Focused Fashion General in Boots

IconStyle sports

Sporty style can help the everyday fashionista look stylish while still staying fit. There are plenty of looks that are perfect for the gym, the field, or just an after-work run around the block. Never miss a beat and fill your wardrobe with Sporty style so you always have the perfect products for working out. There are over 75 Sporty style products to choose from.

Five of these are unlocked with quests.

Level 8 35 43 44 86
Product A shoes sport set002 A bracelet sporty set004 A necklace sport set009 A bag sport set005 A glass sport set010
Quest Name Fit & Fabulous Cultured Shelves Something...Anything! Flirty Sporty Cool & Optimist

IconStyle traditional

Modest but painstakingly decorated, Traditional style reflects an age-old love for precious metals and detail. Best worn as costumes for special events and celebrations, TRaditional style could be considered the most under-utilized style in Fashland. However, if you want to make a statement or be the center of attention in the fashion world, a keen sense of when and how to combine Traditional style can help you stick out as a true fashionista.

There are currenly 50 Traditional style products in the game, three of which are rewards for quests.

Level 57 58 119
Product C top ori set003 A shoes ori set006 A hat ori set008
Quest Name Mysterious Beauty Martial Arts Fashion in Dubai

IconStyle tribal

Channeling the wild and ancient civilization, Tribal style incorporates embroidered clothing with bright, often clashing patterns that work will on soft fabrics. Often crossing over into the Safari and Boho style book, Tribal captures that exotic feel while still being practical and wearable on the street and the runway.

Fashland features about 60 Safari style products, two of which are available as rewards for completing quests.

Level 24 26
Product C top tribal set001 C top tribal set003
Quest Name Easy Guidance Subtle Details