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Quest givers in descending order: Marco, Mila, Gloria & Simone


Quests can be found on the left side of the game screen. A pink "Click!" arrow appears when a quest is new. A purple "Progress" arrow appears when one or more tasks have been completed for that quest.

While Mila and Gloria quests appear duirng the tutorial, Simone's quest appear at level 5. Marco's quests are available at level 10, and are considered to be Seasonal.

Following quests is one of the fastest ways to gain XP, or in the case of Mila, win new products. Gaining XP will help you level up faster, which is also a way to win new products.

Quest rewards include Coins, Keys, Heartbeats, and XP.

Completing Quests

Mila's quests often require you to display and deliver products

Quests can be completed by following the listed task or by paying with Diamonds. Using Diamonds to complete quests is the fastest and quickest way to pass them and collect the rewards.

Once you have completed a task, a green check mark will appear to indicate that task as complete. Other tasks will have a tally (as seen in the picture on the right) that indicates how many are necessary to complete that task. The price of completing a quest with Diamonds decreases depending on how many tasks are already complete.

If having trouble completing a quest task, clicking the question mark icon in the top right of the task will offer a bit more information about what can be done to complete the task. You can also use the "Show Me" button to be directed to the section of the game that will help you complete the task faster.

For more information about all the tasks in the game, please review the Tasks page of this wiki.

Quantity of Quests

Character Frequency of Quests Quests End
Mila's quest icon
at least 2 every level until level 150; every 3 levels until level 194 Level 194


Gloria's quest icon

at least 2 every levels, plus quest chains every 10 levels, until level 150; one quest every 10 levels after level 153; 1 quest per level from level 213 to 220; quests every 5 levels until level 280 Level 280


Simone's quest icon

A new quest is generated every time one is complete quests do not end


Marco's quest icon
New quest appears every 10-15 days; can only be completed seasonally, do not reappear quests expire with time