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The Neighbors Top 10 displays how well your avatar did in the Fash Cup in relation to your neighbors.

If you appear in the list as the 10th among your neighbors, it is a good idea to refresh your page. If you have not refreshed since the results were announced, the game will automatically place you in the number 10 spot, even when you did not score high enough to place there.

There are no rewards for appearing in the Neighbors Top 10, but your Tiara Points are displayed to show how well you did overall. Diamonds will only appear as a reward if you also placed in the Global Top 10.

Buy Her ClothesEdit

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Buy the pieces directly

Like what you see in the Top 10? The "Buy Her Clothes" button allows you to see what the model was wearing and buy the pieces immediately from that window rather than seeking them out in the Dress-up menu later. If you already have a piece in your wardrobe, the menu wanrs you that "You already have that!" Similarly, if the item is won from a quest, Seasonal offer, minigame, or level up, you will not be able to buy it directly from the "Buy Her Clothes" window.
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