2014-05-14 10 25 50-(1) Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on Facebook

Many more colors can be found by scrolling the bottom color palettes

Make-up includes hair, skin color, nail polish, eyeshadow, blush, eye shape and color, and eyebrows. Some come unlocked by default, but others are unlocked only with Keys or Diamonds.

All skin colors come free with the default menu.


New hair styles were added in the Fashland Facebook Game. Prices are in Diamonds: 15, 28 and 35.
Make Up Hair Style 1
Make Up Hair Style 1A
Make up Hair Style 2
Make up Hair Style 3
Make Up Hair Style Price 1
Make Up Hair Style Price 2
Make Up Hair Style Price 3


New eyeshadows were also added at the price of 5 diamonds each.

Make up Eye Shadow cat
Make Up New Eye Shadows 1

==Skin Color blac


Nail PolishEdit