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The Global Top 10 refers to the results of the Fash Cup contest. The Top 10 are the highest-ranking avatars based on the percentage of voters who selected those avatars and a predetermined "advantage" for dressing according to the theme. Only players in the Global Top 10 are awarded Diamonds. Global Top 10 winners can be from any country and are voted on by players worldwide. According to the latest statistics, each avatar in the Fash Cup is voted on by an average of 80 players before the 12-hour round is over.

If you like what you see in either the Global, Neighbors, or Country Top 10, you have the option to "Buy Her Clothes" in the lower right-hand corner of the window.

Note that only 1 of each dress or top/bottom combination can appear in the Top 10 Global. This is to encourage creativity and avoid the contests becoming too repetivite.


Place Diamond Reward Tiara Points
1 10 25
2 8 20
3 6 18
4 4 16
5 2 14
6 1 12
7 1 10
8 1 9
9 1 8
10 1 7

Buy Her ClothesEdit

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Buy the pieces directly

Like what you see in the Top 10? The "Buy Her Clothes" button allows you to see what the model was wearing and buy the pieces immediately from that window rather than seeking them out in the Dress-up menu later. If you already have a piece in your wardrobe, the menu warns you that "You already have that!" Similarly, if the item is won from a quest, Seasonal offer, minigame, or level up, you will not be able to buy it directly from the "Buy Her Clothes" window.
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