Events, Decorations, Display products

Earn From

Deliver products, Complete Quests, Give Glitter, Vote in Fash Cup, Visit Neighbors, Promotion Stands


Real Money

Base Price

10,000 Coins = $0.20

Coins are the easiest currency to earn in Fashland. They are mainly earned by displaying and delivering products (using Racks and Accessory Displays). You can also earn Coins by collecting from Promotion Stands, visiting and helping neighbors, cleaning your Fashion House floors, and playing the Celebrity Minigame.

However, the best way to earn Coins is by displaying and delivering products. Products are displayed over a period of time. When the countdown stops, you can deliver products and collect the rewards. The amount of Coins you earn depends on the display duration of the product, so choose longer displays in order to get more Coins! You can also visit neighbors, host style guests, and complete quests to earn Coins.