Clients refers to any character that enters your Fashion House. Clients usually do not walk into your Fashion House unless there are products on display.
2014-05-15 10 01 56-Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on Facebook

Mila's Fashion House with several clients inside

Clients are generated randomly from among your neighbors and Facebook friends. Clients who appear in your Fashion House who are not your neighbors wear randomly generated clothing, while clients who are you neighbors wearing the outfit they have on in real time. There are also 10 "dummy" clients who enter your Fashion House at random intervals, usually for players who have less neighbors.

Clicking on ClientsEdit

By clicking on clients, players can see what pieces their friends are wearing. Since this popup functions as a mini-Dress-up Menu, you can unlock products with Keys or Diamonds directly from the client window. You can also click on clients as a shortcut to send gifts or visit their Fashion House.

Suggesting StylesEdit

By clicking Suggest Style, players can enter the Dress-up Menu with the avatar of a friend, and modify their look as desired. Once you click "Send," the new look will be posted as a picture in your Fashland photo album on Facebook. Your friend will get a notification from Fashland about the action, but will only be able to see the suggested look by viewing his/her friend's Fashland photos album.

Client StatesEdit

  • An order has been placed
  • A transaction has been made
  • Some clients leave with shopping bags
  • A client expressing joy about this Safari Style dress

Clients show various states over the course of their visit in your Fashion House. A happy face indicates that they are happy with your displays, but has no effect on your game. A delivery truck above a client's head while standing at the cash register indicates that they are making a purchase. A check mark above your avatar's head while completing a transaction indicates that the purchase has been logged. Sometimes, clients will leave with shopping bags indicating that they made a purchase immediately. All of these status' are just for show - they do not affect anything in the game.