The Chic List in Fashland functions as an achievements collection. Completing various milestones in the game earns you Chic List stars in various categories. Reaching a certain number of stars allows you to win rewards that can be used to decorate your Fashion House.

Chic List takes are split into for categories for Styles, Fashion House, Style Guests, and Social/Fash Cup activity.

Completing the Chic List

2014-07-11 12 24 18-Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on Facebook

In this example, the player has collected 23 stars and needs 28 more to earn the Designer's Dress Form

Your progress is recorded as you go. Check your Chic Lists frequently to see how far you are from achieving a tast. Every completely Chic List task earns you one star in the category; on the right the number of stars you need to win your next Chic List item is displayed.

In the example on the left, the player has earned 23 stars toward the Designer's Dress Form in the Style Orders category. However, the player needs 55 in order to win the item.

This means the player must collect 28 more stars - or complete 28 more tasks - to win the Designer's Dress Forum. Once he or she collects 55 stars, the item will automatically be added to his or her Fashion House inventory.

Style Orders Rewards

2014-07-11 13 49 13-Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on FacebookStars Needed Item Won


Decof trophy style3
55 Decof trophy style2
100 Decof trophy style1

Fashion House Rewards

2014-07-11 13 53 39-Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on FacebookStars Needed Item Won
12 Decof trophy boutique2
28 Decow trophy boutique3
50 Cashier trophy Boutique

Style Guests Rewards

2014-07-11 13 56 49-Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on FacebookStars Needed Item Won
25 Decof trophy celebrity1
58 Decof trophy celebrity2
100 Decof trophy celebrity3

Fashion Circle Awards

2014-07-11 14 00 07-Fashland - Dress Up for Fashion on FacebookStars Needed Item Won
10 Decof trophy champagnetable
22 Decof trophy dressingscreen
35 Decof trophy dressingtable