The celebrity minigame is launched after hosting and clicking on a style guest.

Host a Guest

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To host a style guest, collect all of her collectibles by delivering products of her style. This can be done by displaying and delivering in your own Fashion House or by visiting neighbors and boosting the items of the style you're looking for. Collectibles are more likely to fall from displays with longer durations.

Go into the main menu under Fashion Career > Collections to see all of the style guests. Click "Host" to choose the guest you'd like to invite. The game will not allow you to host a guest until you have collected three of the collectibles in their collection.

When you host, the style guest will often appear immediately at the door of your Fashion House. Click on her at any point before she leaves in order to launch the minigame.

Play the Game

  • Think carefully before clicking "Begin"
  • Guessing correctly on the second try won 8 Heartbeats
The guest you click will appear in a pop-up. Since your prize depends on speed, be ready before clicking "Begin."

Your task is to guess which item is her style. For example, if you are hosting Candice Golightly, the Evening Style guest, you have to choose the Evening Style item in order to win a prize. There is only one item of the correct style among the 10 options.

There are many different prizes to win, and the game awards you based on three factors:

1. How quickly you guess the correct item

2. How many tries it takes you to guess correctly.

3. Chance.

The best prizes include 20 Keys, 20 Heartbeats, and 5,000 Coins. However, there are 28 possible prize outcomes, with the least valuable prize being 100 Coins. There are multiple prize outcomes and ultimately what you win is determined by a degree of probability. Even if you guess correctly immediately, the chances of winning 20 Keys are smaller than 20 Heartbeats or 5,000 Coins.

There is no limit to how often you can play this game. All you need is the correct amount of Collectibles and it can be played over and over again.