• A Bingo board with no squares completed
  • A Bingo with some squares completed
  • A completed Bingo board
Fashland Bingo is designed to be completed with the use of Diamonds or Keys. It always includes 5 gifts, one of which can only be won if the first four products have already been won.

Every player's Bingo board is the same, but the order in which numbers are drawn is completely random. There are a total of 75 possible numbers to draw, meaning that after spending 150 Keys there is an 100% chance of winning all five gifts on the board.

To play, simply click "Pick One!" on the window. If you have Keys, the minigame will automatically use one to draw a Bingo ball. If the number on the ball matches one of the numbers on your board, that square will be come green and you will not be able to pick that number again.

To get a Bingo, you need to have five squares green in a horizontal row. You cannot get a Bingo by connecting vertically or diagonally. Each row of the Bingo board represents one of the products at the bottom of the window. After your first Bingo (regardless of the row you completed), you will be awarded one of the four gifts (the order that you win the gifts in is random).

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If you choose to spend Diamonds on Bingo, the price of each square varies. The first complete square in each row costs 1 Diamond. The next square in that row will cost 2 Diamonds. The third costs 3 Diamonds, and so on, making it more expensive to buy numbers that bring you closer to a Bingo.

Bingo GiftsEdit

Bingo gifts are exclusively available during the 2-week period after the minigame is released. There is always a chance to buy the gifts with Diamonds at the end of the game if you are not able to win them during the normal timeframe.

Release Date Gifts
May 27, 2014 3a3b3c3d3e
June 17, 2014 4d4a4c4b4e

July 22, 2014


August 19,2014


September 17,2014


November 14,2014

TopHelmetEarringsBootsSkeleton Hands

Marc 29,2017

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